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2014 Another year of design success at the Botzen Studio!

WOW! What another unbelievable year of product design it has been this year at Botzen Design! I worked on design projects ranging from sunglasses to industrial equipment, phone cases, drones and credit card readers.


The Ulysses

In January I began a journey with a client to develop a pair of classic sunglasses “Ulysses” that used aged Maine oak lobster traps. The project sprouted into a second pair of sunglasses “The Jack” that are based on the 35th president JFK and his classic look. Traps Eyewear will soon be shipping both pairs of “eco” glasses, look for more information about the glasses very soon!









Currently I am working on some great new products for the Danish industrial group BM-Teknik. I am designing two new products for them as they expand out of the Scandinavian market in to the global market including the United States. These products will be sold under the Cougartron name. More about those products will be revealed in the upcoming year.

PowerClix magnetic adventure toy


The three magnetic robot toys I designed for Guidecraft PolyMech, ReptileMech, and TeraMech are available for purchase through Target online, and Amazon, and even Brookstone.

Recently I launched my Industrial Design Video On Demand channel on Vimeo, A design journey from concept to functioning prototype The 8 part series take you on a step by step voyage of how to build a functioning solar charger prototype. The latest series focuses on the ideation sketching process of the Red Jack adventure vehicle pictured above. You can see the trailers on Youtube as well.

Are you are looking to have a consumer product designed, visualized and prototyped? Feel free to reply to this email and lets set up a time to chat. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Google+, click any of the links below to follow me on your favorite social media site, or sign up here if you were forwarded this bulletin. Look for more updates soon!

I want to wish each of you a Happy New Year to you and your families!

Best wishes

Eric Strebel

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Botzen Design announces 3D printing and rapid prototyping services

Gear test Botzen Design

Rapid prototype gear printed at 75 (.075mm) micron layers thickness

Botzen Design a Metro Detroit based Industrial Design firm run by Eric Strebel now has 3D printing capabilities. Additive manufacturing is making products more exciting and come alive faster than ever. The expanded capabilities will allow Botzen to design better quality products in less time than ever. It will also allow Botzen to act as a service bureau to create rapid objects for other companies and individuals with prepared CAD files to get 3D printed objects quickly at an affordable price.  The resin based prototypes are very durable and excellent for everything from small engineering parts, toys, action figures, small hand held products and small injection molded parts, as well as investment casting for jewelry! With layer thicknesses as thin as 50 microns per layer models are detailed and accurate and more affordable that you think.

Painted Head

So…what is 3D printing?

3D printing is a printer that creates a three dimensional object.  This is done by creating layer by successive layer, until the entire object is complete. Every 3D-printed object begins with a digital Computer Aided Design (CAD) file, created with a 3D modeling program, or which was scanned into a 3D modeling program with a 3D scanner. To get from this digital file into instructions that the 3D printer understands, software then slices the design into hundred or thousands of horizontal layers.  The 3D printer reads this file, and proceeds to create each layer exactly to specification. As the layers are created, they blend together with no hint of the layering visible, resulting in one three dimensional object.

Eric Strebel who runs an Industrial Design studio called Botzen Design in Detroit, MI.  He worked to design the Powermat wireless charge pad for Homedics, sunglasses for Bauch & Lomb, vehicles for Ford Motors, monsters for Clive Barker and the Solar Vox Ultra personal charger. Currently he consults for various companies in the Detroit area and around the globe and teaches Industrial Design at Wayne State University. He recently placed third in the Local Motors Shell Game Changer contest with the Willow Run-A-Bout for the city of Amsterdam.

Botzen Design, Inc., Detroit Michigan





You can watch the assembly of the unit here on Youtube.