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WILLOW – ECO Three Wheel Run-A-Bout

Electric powered ZERO emission Run-A-Bout



Feb 15, 2012

Willow: A three wheeled electric Run-A-Bout for Amsterdam is made from laminated wood creating a sturdy cost effective frame featuring a front hub-less wheel basket and recycled airless tires that highlights this unique design. Storage baskets in the front and rear are made of native European willow using local flexible manufacturing. This two-seater is a great little electric powered vehicle with independent rear suspension in the back that is designed for stable handling.  Willow: Uses local sustainable materials. Great care was given to use wood, metal and natural fibers. Virgin plastics are avoided at all cost, only the wheels are made from recycled rubber.  Vehicle management such as charging and navigation are handled via an app on your smartphone.

This Run-A-Bout is designed for use on smaller streets in tightly knit communities such as Amsterdam.  An alternative to the traditional bike, you can use this vehicle to zip around town to your destination quickly and easily,  parking is as easy as a regular bike!  The Willow is currently entered in the Shell game changer contest at Local-Motors. To vote for the Willow and see more, follow the link, register on the Local Motors website and vote for the Willow, keeping in mind that 5 is the highest!  Don’t forget to leave a comment about what you like about the Willow. Hurry, voting ends March 4th at 23:59 (GMT)

Willow is designed by Eric Strebel who runs an Industrial Design studio called Botzen Design in Detroit, MI.  He worked to design the Power Matt wireless charge pad for Homedics, sunglasses for Bauch & Lomb, vehicles for Ford Motors, monsters for Clive Barker and the Solar Vox Ultra personal charger. Currently he consults for various companies in the Detroit area and around the globe and teaches Industrial Design at Wayne State University.

Botzen Design, Inc., Detroit Michigan


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