“LIT” Shutter Shades

World first Wireless Electroluminescent shutter shade glasses designed by Botzen Design for Lift Audio

Botzen Design announce the “LIT” shutter shades, the first in a series of wireless sunglasses designed for Lift Audio. Born in the explosion of the electronic music scene, LIT glasses by Lift are stylish and fun illuminated glasses that help bring the party to life. Debuting at the 2013 Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas……Previous  “EL” sunglasses required a hard wire to a hand held battery power pack. The new redesigned Lit shutter shades incorporates the battery, USB charger and electronics in the sunglasses themselves, an industry first!

The sunglasses were designed from sketch concept to prototype over a period of about 4 months in collaboration with Lift Audio culminating with “A” side 3D data for the customer to take to engineering manufacturing with

Eric Strebel who runs an Industrial Design studio, Botzen Design with inhouse 3D printing capabilities called Botzen Design in Detroit, MI.  He has worked on designing the Powermat wireless charging hubs for Homedics, sunglasses for Bauch & Lomb, vehicles for Ford Motors, monsters for Clive Barker and most recently a drink and water bottle refill station for HAWS Co. Currently he consults for various companies around the globe and previously taught Industrial Design at Wayne State University in Detroit.

Botzen Design, Inc., Detroit Michigan


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