Old School White prismacolor pencil Industrial Design “ID” sketch on black paper tutorial


April 9 2012

Detroit based Industrial Designer Eric Strebel demonstrates a design sketching tutorial using a black piece of paper and a white prismacolor pencil. This technique has been used since the earliest days of Industrial Design by pioneers such as Henry Dreyfuss and Raymond Loewy to quickly show a design idea or concept. Eric shows how to start the sketch and describes what ellipsis to use and how to get the perspective just right. The sketch is finished with simple shading and a drop shadow highlighting the bottles top. Music is by Brothers and others Saxaphone Quartet. There are several other Industrial Design tutorials available on Eric’s YouTube channel. You can subscribe to the channel to follow Eric and future Industrial Design tutorials.

YouTube link: White pencil bottle sketch tutorial

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Eric Strebel who runs an Industrial Design studio called Botzen Design in Detroit, MI.  He worked to design the Powermat wireless charge pad for Homedics, sunglasses for Bauch & Lomb, vehicles for Ford Motors, monsters for Clive Barker and the Solar Vox Ultra personal charger. Currently he consults for various companies in the Detroit area and around the globe and teaches Industrial Design at Wayne State University. He recently placed third in the Local Motors Shell Game Changer contest with the Willow Run-A-Bout for the city of Amsterdam.

Botzen Design, Inc., Detroit Michigan


email:  preorder@botzen.com

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